Thursday, November 29, 2007


Walmarts site reflects walmart big and confusing things just doesnt go the way you want ant it isnt that flashy but serves its purpose

comp usa

Comp usa can look crowded like amazons but it still sreves it s purpose

circuit city

Circuit cities is alot like best buys but red has a lot of the same features and other things you will find in a retail site

best buy

Bestbuys site is verysleek and easy to use they use some very nice simple colors and design to give it a good feel

new egg

Newegg makes it easy to find what you need with a simple but good site


Amazon site can seem too much at sometimes but thats because they have everything so it really works for that genre of websites


Logitech is not the most complex flash site but it uses it simply and well to give it look


just like the other two sites above xboxes follows its main colors and has a clean nice website


Playstation also follows the feel of the systems and makes good use of it


Nintendos site has just been redone to make it feel more like the wii and it looks great


This site is a good improvement on their last site that was really put together badly it doesn't look to special but it is a n improvement 

state farm

I really hate this site it has too much information everywhere it is hard to navigate but it follows state farms design so that makes it a littel better.

zions bank

I really like this site it has been really easy to use and the design is always good making it very accessible to all. 


Verizons site its annoying to me it try's to be easy but gets confusing and asks you for to much info and its easy to get lost.


I really like this site it goes really well as a good base to all of the other sites and makes it easy to find any of those sites in it.


I really do not like Disney's websites they look a little dated this is one of their better pages but its almost too bright


Apple makes their websites alike their computer just leek and nice it is congruent with their whole look and feel


Minis website is really nice it uses lots of flash but it makes it look wonderful and easy to use and nice and easy to find any info.

Ferraris website is very Ferrari when you open its bigger than life and bigger than you screen so unless you have a bigger screen you will have to side scroll but i guess that they figure people who will buy a ferrari will have a bigger monitor.

Bmw's website reflects the company very well it is sleek and simple and sow you elegance

this website really needs some work some one really needs to do something with it hint hint

I really like this site its really clean and has good design styles in it. the flash is used very well and it shows really the caliber of the company


This is a good blog website for what it does it could always look better but it contantly gets updated and nobody looks at the actual other info so it works